DiscordSRVUtils Addon

Improve Your DiscordSRV Discord Server

What is DiscordSRVUtils?

DiscordSRVUtils is a DiscordSRV Addon that makes your discord server <-> Minecraft Server System Better. From Other Plugin Messages to Systems!

Messages Fully Custom

Completely Customize your messages. Any Message Can be embed, or normal text, or both. PAPI Supported too! All with a message system!

You Put Embed json in messages folder and set message to "message:nameoffilenoextension"

Essentials AFK Messages

Send Essentials AFK Messages to Discord! And Still Completely Custom

Punishment sync and Messages

Sync Punishments with your discord (if player is linked). Send Messages to Discord, They Are Completely Custom!

Tickets System

Create a ticket panel, and any user can open a ticket! 90% custom messages and easy to use!

Leveling System

Normal Leveling but synced with Discord!

Suggestions System

Unique Suggestions System!

Server Status System

Server Status Channel for your server!

Invite Tracking System

Track invites, who invited and how many, and if they left or still in server!!

And Alot More Soon...

Discord Server

Made By BlueTree242